You are a ‘puppet’ for the elites,Ruto tells Odinga

You are a ‘puppet’ for the elites,Ruto tells Odinga

BY JOAN WANJIKU,NAIROBI,10TH JAN,2022-Deputy President William Ruto now claims there are powerful forces keen to install Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga as the next President of Kenya in order to serve the interests of a clique of elites in the country.

Without naming anyone, Ruto, who is currently holding a political rally in Bomet County, an area considered his political bedrock, argues that the ODM leader is being propped up by ‘a wealthy few’, who are out to subvert the will of the people during the August 9th general elections.

“There are people who are preparing a puppet who will protect their interests and their wealth.  They want to present a person they have interviewed before Kenyans for election.”

“These gentlemen and ladies think out of contempt and arrogance that they can install their puppet on the people of Kenya. A person they have choreographed to protect their influence, wealth, and interests.” He charged

Just like he promised a day earlier at a rally in Migori, the DP vowed that he will scuttle every plan to rig Presidential elections in favour of Raila. He also asked his supporters to turn out in large numbers to ensure that he trounces the former PM in the eagerly-awaited poll.

“They think they can impose on the people of Kenya. I want to tell them, the people of Kenya this year will vote against arrogance and contempt and they are going to elect a leader who is going to look after the interests of every citizen of the republish of Kenya.” He said

Ruto further alleges that the ‘powerful elite’ is the one behind the push to change the constitution so as to ensure that the Executive assumes full control of all arms of government.

“We are not ready. The people of Kenya want an accountable President like the one we have in the current constitution.”

“I want to tell them, we will not accept a puppet who wants to change the constitution so that they can impose on us a president who has the powers of a king. We are not ready for an imperial president in Kenya controls the judiciary using the ombudsman, controls executive and legislature using appointments.” He said

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