4 police officers killed in suspected Al-Shabaab attack at Liboi, Garissa County

4 police officers killed in suspected Al-Shabaab attack at Liboi, Garissa County

BY EDITORIAL TEAM,NAIROBI,10TH JAN,2022-Four police officers were Monday killed when a vehicle they were travelling in was attacked by gunmen in Liboi, Garissa County, police said.

The officers were travelling in a probox car when they ran into an ambush between Liboi and Kulan area.

The attackers who are believed to be al-Shabaab militants and who crossed from the nearby Kenya-Somalia border escaped with the officers’ guns.

Witnesses said they heard gunshots from the Damajale area and when they checked they found the bodies of the four officers there.

“They were ambushed and shot before being robbed of their weapons. It was an ambush,” said an officer aware of the incident.

The officers were robbed of three AK47 rifles and an unknown number of bullets.

The incident is the latest to happen in the area.

In Wajir, terrorists tried to kidnap two former councillors from a shopping centre on Sunday evening, police said.

The two former councillors managed to escape from the abductors who had left them in a car to pray.

North Eastern police boss Rono Bunei said they had intensified operations in the area to tame the gang movements.

The incident came a week after police in the area recovered foodstuffs and other paraphernalia that the terrorists were using before escaping.

This gave an indication of their activities and plans in the area.

The killings came days after four officers were killed in Milihoi area, Lamu county in a similar attack.

The government has blamed ethnic profiling that is linked to political inclinations around elections, the looming voter registration drive and land disputes as the primary causes of the latest attacks and displacements in Lamu.

The area is among those under the dusk to dawn curfew.


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