Four infants die as Health services in Wajir County hospital stall

Four infants die as Health services in Wajir County hospital stall

BY JOAN WANJIKU,NAIROBI,8TH JAN,2022-Health services in Wajir county hospital have stalled for the last month leading to the death of four infants who were in incubators.

According to the remaining doctors in the facility, the infants died due to the lack of electricity in the hospital.

Led by Banni Mohamed, angry residents narrated how they are now seeking treatment from private hospitals which is costing them an arm and a leg.

Mohamed in addition said expectant women were not an exception as they were also seeking help from private facilities despite millions of shillings being allocated to the health department.

He attributed their predicaments to poor management of resources.

“Doctors and nurses are hardly available to the residents who visit the hospital, and those that are seen attending to patients are forced to attend to patients using torches due to power outage,” he said.

During a spot check of the hospital, it was discovered that all wards in the hospital remain dysfunctional with some patients coming as far as Burdheer Wajir South which is kilometres away.

Doctors claim that even after Wajir’s second governor, Mohammed Abdi, was impeached for failing to manage the health sector, no change has been witnessed in Wajir Referral Hospital.

The House committee chaired by Nyamira Senator Okong’o Omogeni had found the governor culpable of running down the health care system in the county thus compromising the right to health of the residents.

This is after 25 Senators out of 47 upheld the impeachment of the Governor by the County Assembly over alleged gross violation of the Constitution, as recommended by an 11-member Special Committee of the Senate. Two Senators opposed the impeachment while four abstained.

In a 144-page report, the Special Senate Committee recommended impeachment after substantiating one of the 17 allegations levelled against the governor specifically that the governor violated the right to health of the people of Wajir County and this meets the threshold for an impeachable offence.

The Wajir County Assembly alleged that the governor “had caused the health sector to run into disarray that had compromised right to the highest attainable health standards; and also that, “over Ksh.2.4 billion had been allocated to the department of medical service but the county referral hospital lab could not conduct COVID-19 tests due to faulty test kits and lack of reagents.”

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