This is why i will be on the ballot come 2022-Raila

This is why i will be on the ballot come 2022-Raila

BY JOAN WANJIKU,NAIROBI,31ST DEC,2021-ODM Leader Raila Odinga says he has already given his political way forward on his political career.

He said he gave 10 reasons why he will be on ballot in 2022 general election.

“My first move will be to ensure we have freedom on our political parties. The next move we have new constitution and we heading to spur economy ,” Odinga said

He spoke on Friday at Bukhungu stadium where mulembe nation had their second Bukhungu declaration to chat way forward on their political move.

He said he is currently on the ballot to ensure Western economy is improving.

Raila Odinga said he has brought another investor to revive mumias.

Chief opposition says his government will be of action and not words.

“We are going to build more industrial park for for value addition to our product,” Raila said.

He noted that his government will have what he called ‘babacare’ on medication on males.

He further said his administration will develop rural and urban social support.

“6000 to all poor families will support,”. He said.

He urged the youths to stand firm behind him and to ensure they have what it takes to vote for him as heads to presidential race.

Raila is expected to square it out with DP William Ruto who is also on the race to to take over after president Uhuru Kenyatta.

He accused Ruto of failing to restore Mumias factory for the last ten years he has been in leadership.

“He has been in government for all that time why is he again promising to restore economy and yet is there,” Odinga said.

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