Hyena attacks ,Kills Kiambu Resident

Hyena attacks ,Kills Kiambu Resident

BY CORRESPONDENT,KIAMBU,28TH DEC,2021-Kenya Police officers are investigating a suspected Hyena attack on a resident in Kiambu County’s Makongeni area.

This comes after a Kang’oki area resident discovered a human skull on his property in Kandara Investment Scheme.

A skull, scattered bones, and shredded bloodstained garments were discovered at the spot by police and KWS officers, who confirmed the occurrence.

At the spot, hyena prints were discovered.

Another guy was mauled and murdered by a group of the same animals in Witeithie, Juja, just hours before.

KWS officers are tracking the runaway animals to avert further deaths.

In a separate incident, Ongata Rongai residents reported stray lions around a resort that borders the Nairobi National Park.

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