FIGHTING COVID19:Kenyans to get covid booster shots – Govt

FIGHTING COVID19:Kenyans to get covid booster shots – Govt

BY JOAN WANJIKU,NAIROBI,25TH DEC 2021-Kenyans who have been fully vaccinated will be offered an additional dose of covid-19 vaccine, the government has announced.

The Ministry of Health says after review of the covid-19 situation in the country, it is now necessary for those who have completed the primary vaccinations to get another dose of “either AstraZeneca, Moderna or Pfizer vaccine, 6 moths after the completion of the primary series.”

The additional vaccine, according to the government, can be the same or different from the one taken during primary series.

Acting Director General of Health Dr. Patrick Amoth says the guidelines have been informed by technical guidance from the Kenya National Immunization Technical Advisory Group.

In a statement released after the Ministry of Health came up with updated guidelines on Covid-19 vaccination in the country, Dr Amoth further indicated that where a serious adverse reaction has been reported after vaccination, the individual should be switched to a different vaccine type.

For instance, if a serious adverse effect occurs after Pfizer or Moderna administration, Dr Amoth says AstraZeneca dose can be provide after 28 days of the initial dose.

Dr Amoth has also disclosed that individuals who have receieved the firrst dose of Moderna can now receive Astrazeneca as the second dose. This dose should be given 28 days after the Moderna shot was administered.

The updated guidance further relates to vaccination of various segments of the population including pregnant women, children, and those who have completed the primary series.

In the updated regulations, Dr Amoth says pregnant women should be offered either Pfizer or Moderna vaccines at any gestational age, at first antenatal care clinic or at first contact with health services.

“Pregnant women who begun vaccination with other types of covid-19 vaccine should complete vaccination suing the same vaccine,” he said

As regards children, Dr. Amoth says Pfizer vaccine should be offered to those aged 15 years and above.

The ministry is targeting to vaccinate 30 million adults by the end of December 2022.

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