Sad: Three children missing after being swept by flooded river Mwache

Sad: Three children missing after being swept by flooded river Mwache

BY CORRESPONDENT,13TH DEC,2021-Three children have gone missing after they were being swept away by flooded river Mwache in Kasemeni location, Kinango sub-county within Kwale county.

The children who were in a group of four were swept away while attempting to swim in the swollen river Mwache at Dundaloma village.

Confirming the incident, area Chief Benson Kalimbo said one of the children was stuck on a rock and residents were helping in efforts to rescue him.

“I have just received news from my assistant that four children have been swept away by river Mwache but only one of them can be seen hanging on a stone,” he told the Star on phone.

“Efforts to rescue other children are also ongoing and locals are tracing down the stream with the hope of finding them alive.”

According to the chief, the children are aged between eight and 11 years old.

Their names have not been identified but are believed to have come from neighbouring Galili village, within Kinango.

Eyewitnesses said the children had been warned to get out of the river when rain started but went back and the water overpowered them.

In the past three days the county has experienced heavy rains in some areas.

Chief Kalimbo cautioned locals against trying to cross flooded rivers as rain continues.

He also called on parents to monitor their children and keep them away from playing around flooded potholes and water paths.

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