I know you will deliver,Ida Odinga tells husband as he releases Raila to Kenyans.

I know you will deliver,Ida Odinga tells husband as he releases Raila to Kenyans.

BY NAMULONGO PETER,NAIROBI,10TH DEC,2021-Ida Odinga, the wife to ODM party leader Raila Odinga, has officially handed him over to Kenyans as he seeks the country’s top seat.

Addressing thousands of Raila’s supporters at the Moi International Sports Centre, Kasarani, on Friday during the Azimio la Umoja Convention, Ida said that she believes that Raila is capable of changing the status of this country.

“I want to release you to perform, to do what you need to do for the multiple people…I know you won’t let them down…People of Kenya, I release Raila to you today,” Ida said in her speech.

Ida said Raila has big dreams about how to change the country in terms of education, good healthcare for the people as well as creating employment for the youth.

“For many years, Raila has believed that Kenya can be a good place, better than what we have today, and he is capable of making Kenya a better place than what we have today,” she said.

She added that he always worries about the future of the young people and what kind of nation will be left for them.

“These young people require medical care, they need meaningful jobs and that can only occur if we perfect and resurrect our industries.”

“It pains me when I see us depend on things that are imported that can be produced in this country. I fail to understand; what can we do so that we do not import eggs as if the chicken in Kenya cannot lay eggs,” she said.

Ida said that the former Prime Minister is capable of transforming the country.

“Today in the life of Kenyans, there’s only one thing I know you want me to say, and I will say it today. As a good friend and my husband, I know what he is capable of doing and the passion he has had for the many years that have spilt over to 40 years, is the love for this nation and the people of Kenya,” Ida said.

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