Bondo Tragedy update: One miner pulled out alive, six others still trapped

Bondo Tragedy update: One miner pulled out alive, six others still trapped

BY CORRESPONDENT,BONDO,4TH DEC,2021-Two out of the eight people that were trapped at Abimbo goldmines in South Sakwa ward Bondo sub county have been removed from the 500ft deep mine shaft.

Bondo Deputy County Commissioner Richard Karani confirmed that one person was rescued alive, while the other was found dead and the body taken to Bondo hospital mortuary.

The miner who was found alive has been treated and released to go home.

The two were removed from the mine early Friday morning following rescue mission led by the Red Cross team and Siaya county government.

Karani said the rescue mission is still on going to try and get to the remaining six miners who are still trapped.

The Deputy County commissioner called for calm saying they are still hopeful of getting the miners alive.

Siaya Senator James Orengo who visited the scene has assured goldminers in South Sakwa ward Bondo sub county that their mines will not be closed by the government following Thursday afternoon accident at Abimbo Gold mine.

This comes after the artisanal goldminers in the area who have anticipated the imminent closure of their mine in the pleaded that government should not close the mines which are their source of livelihood.

In 2018, the government closed a mine in central Sakwa ward after three people, including a student died in the mines following collapse of mine wall.

One person has so far been confirmed dead while six others are still trapped more than 40 hours after the ill-fated incident.

Orengo said that miners have no alternative source of livelihood and the closure of the mines will be counterproductive.

He observed the need to improve emergency response services by the National Disaster response team to avert future loss of life at the mine sites.

The senator also asked the government through the department of minimum to improve safety measures in the mining shafts to avoid similar incidents.

“Instead of closing the mines we need to improve our disaster response system so that people can be rescued in case of accidents. We also ask the government to consider the possibility of reinforcing the walls of mining holes so that they do not collapse while miners are working,” said Orengo

Local leaders led by Andiwo Abondo have asked the national government to support the ongoing rescue mission and to waiver hospital and mortuary bills to the affected families.

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