Mwendwa Declines To Take Plea, Detained Pending Ruling

Mwendwa Declines To Take Plea, Detained Pending Ruling

BY JOAN WANJIKU,NAIROBI,29TH NOV,2021-Embattled FKF President Nick Mwendwa will spend Monday night in police custody as he awaits a court ruling on his application not to be charged with graft.

On Monday, Mwendwa’s lawyers presented an application before a Nairobi court requesting that he does not take a plea over graft charges.

They argued that Mwendwa’s arrest was in bad faith and  amounted to an abuse of court processes, adding that admitting the charges levelled against him would be “sanitizing the illegality.”

Through lawyer Eric Mutua, Mwendwa protested what he termed as unlawful detention in a letter addressed to the Inspector General of Police.

“We shall hold you and all concerned officers individually and or personally liable for the false imprisonment, unlawful confinement, abuse of police powers, abuse of office and violation of his rights,” read the letter.

Mwendwa had been accused of failing to account for Sh.29.5 million said to be missing from FKF accounts, and an additional Ksh.8.5 million said to have been misappropriated.

He has spent the weekend in police custody.

The court, however, dismissed Mwendwa’s claims and insisted that due process was followed.

It ordered that Mwendwa remains in custody until Tuesday afternoon when the ruling will be delivered.

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