Govt  Urges for  Vigilant In Populated Areas After Uganda Terror Attacks

Govt Urges for Vigilant In Populated Areas After Uganda Terror Attacks

BY NAMULONGO PETER,NAIROBI,16TH NOV,2021-The government, through Spokesperson Col. Cyrus Oguna, has now urged Kenyans to exercise vigilance while in populated places.

This follows two bomb attacks in Kampala, Uganda, on Tuesday, where at least six people were killed and several others injured.

“Terrorism remains a global threat that most countries are combating, and on account of incidents that have been observed in our neighbourhoods in recent times, we want to assure Kenyans that our security forces remain alert and are monitoring the situation in our country and along our common borders,” said Col. Oguna.

“However, we urge all citizens to be vigilant while in places with high human traffic and to promptly report any suspicious character, behavior, movement or unattended parcels to the nearest police officer or police station.”

Col. Oguna, in the statement to newsrooms, further reaffirmed the government’s commitment to guaranteeing the security of the country’s citizens.

“We take this opportunity to thank Kenyans for their continued support and collaboration with security forces by providing information that has led to foiling of many plans by criminal elements, thereby contributing to improved security,” read the statement.

“As Government, we reaffirm our commitment to guarantee total security to all our people.”

The Kampala attacks occurred within three minutes of each other with the first bombing taking place at 10:03am near Kampala Central Police Station and the other happening at 10:06am near Raja Chambers and Jubilee Insurance building

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