Miguna Miguna may not travel back home after all as he hit new red alert

Miguna Miguna may not travel back home after all as he hit new red alert

Miguna said the airline informed him at Berlin’s Brandenburg Airport that he can not board because of a new Red Alert issued by the Kenyan government on Monday morning.


“This is to inform Kenyans and the world that Airfrance officials at the check-in counter at the Berlin Brandenburg Airport have just informed me that the Government of Kenya sent them a “red Alert” this (Monday) morning that they cannot fly me to Nairobi. I’m waiting for a copy, ” he tweeted.

The Canadian-based lawyer had said in a statement that he would travel to Nairobi via Paris from Berlin on Monday by Air France.

Miguna later tweeted his declined Boarding certificate from Air France that showed that he had been booked on flight AF1835 from Berlin to Paris connecting to Nairobi.

“They have refused to state the Red Alert. But they have indicated that it is obvious and they empathize with me but that there is nothing they can do. Let our legal team get to work, ” he added. 


The self-declared National Resistance Movement(NRM) leader, who was deported in March 2018 after swearing in then opposition leader Raila Odinga as the People’s President, added that the matter will go back to court in the event he is not allowed to fly back.

Miguna had gone to court under a certificate of urgency seeking an order to have the red alerts against him lifted.

However, High Court Judge Hedwig Ong’udi dismissed Miguna’s application on Friday, said there was no proof showing that he had been barred from returning to the country.

He added that it was Miguna’s obligation to prove those facts before the orders can be issued.

“There is no evidence to prove the alerts exist. This court cannot rule on speculation to grant the orders he is seeking. Case dismissed,” Justice Hedwig said.

Miguna had argued that the government issued alerts to some airlines, Lufthansa and Air France to prevent him from using their planes to travel back to Kenya.

Former Chief Justice Willy Mutunga had announced on October 20 that he will accompany the deported activist during his return to the country.


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