Am ready to take care of Maribe’s child regardless of DNA results -Eric Omindi

Am ready to take care of Maribe’s child regardless of DNA results -Eric Omindi

BY JOAN WANJIKU,NAIROBI,3RD NOV 2021-Comedian Eric Omondi now says he regrets the controversial social media post he made regarding his relationship with former TV presenter Jacque Maribe.

In an exclusive interview with Radio Citizen on Wednesday, Omondi said it was a spur-of-the-moment reaction to defend his reputation after Maribe, with whom he allegedly sired a child, accused him of being a deadbeat dad.

He says soon after Maribe made the accusations, social media users have been trolling him and even demanding that his clients cancel business with him.

“Yesterday I went to see Wanjigi and the first thing I did is post a video together with him. Immediately after posting a video…500 comments and not a single one was about the campaign… They were saying; ‘idiot’, ‘irresponsible fool…’ and others were tagging Wanjigi and telling him ‘drop Eric Omondi’.

I then went for another client event in Kiambu. They were tagging the client  and telling the company ‘how can you work with such a person who does not respect women and children,’” said Omondi.

According to the self-proclaimed president of comedy, he is remorseful for having dragged the child into the hullabaloo.

In the interview on Radio Citizen’s Mambo Mseto, the funny man dismissed Maribe’s claims that he is a deadbeat dad saying he has even been attending the child’s school events.

He said, even though he would want a DNA test conducted, he will still support the child regardless of the results from the paternity test.

“It’s me who wants the DNA not Jacque Maribe. She has declined for 7 years… When I made the post, I selfishly thought about my career. Personally, I’m not happy about what is going on. But I have decided regardless of the outcome I will officially take care of the child because of what happened,” said Omondi.

The online drama between the two began Monday when Omondi took to Instagram to announce that he is soon going to be a father – a responsible one – to a child he was allegedly expecting with an upcoming musician, Miss P.

It would later emerge that Omondi was hyping an upcoming song the musician is set to release in which he has been featured.

Maribe was however not amused by the post and expressed her displeasure on the comments section, claiming that the comedian is an absent dad to their supposed child.

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