Students starting fires at school will get jail time, Elungata warns

Students starting fires at school will get jail time, Elungata warns

BY NAMULONGO PETER,NAIROBI,1ST NOV,2021-Fire incidents in schools have become a regular occurrence. The arson attacks now a matter of great public concern.

The current trend has provoked a response from the government which is vowing stern punishment against students found to have started fires in schools.

At the Coast, Regional Commissioner John Elungata has announced that authorities will move into all schools that have reported school fires and carry out investigations. And he cautions that this will not be a public relations exercise as those involved in arson attacks will be apprehended.

“We have resolved that the police will follow these culprits – because it is not difficult to get them as they are among fellow students, – arrest and prosecute them because destroying school property is akin to destroying their own homes.” He charged


The regional boss said students above 18 years would be jailed like any other criminals while minors would be committed to borstal institutions as they continue with their education.

He said the government will ensure that all students who cause damages to school property account for their actions, even if they are minors.

“If you find any of your children destroying property, will you leave them alone? Likewise, the government will not turn a blind eye to any rogue child who burns and destroys school property,” he warned.

Elungata’s sentiments come in the wake of a spate of school strikes in Kilifi County where at least ten schools have been affected within the past two weeks.


In some of the schools, students attempted to burn dormitories. He directed assistant county commissioners, chiefs, and their assistants to be more proactive in ensuring school unrests are eradicated in their areas of jurisdiction.

“There should be no assistant county commissioner at home now. His work is to monitor the goings-on in schools within their areas of jurisdiction and take appropriate actions.” He said

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