This is why i joined UDA,Governor Waiguru

This is why i joined UDA,Governor Waiguru

BY NAMULONGO PETER,NAIROBI,26TH OCT 2021-Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru has explained why she decided to join Deputy President William Ruto’s United Democratic Alliance party.

Waiguru said she consulted and was directed towards joining United Democratic Alliance.

”The bible says when you lack wisdom you ask for it. I have asked for it and I have listened and checked with many members seated here,” she said.

”I have asked if it is betrayal if I moved but the message that I was given by everybody is that in politics you must be very careful to stay relevant and  listen to the people.”

Waiguru said that Kirinyaga people spoke their minds during Mashujaa day celebrations in the county.

”Anyone there heard it for themselves. You saw it yourself and we also saw that you were a bit startled yourself,” she said.

“We could see.. you have great humility because you did not chest thump and that is why the people love you. Sisi tumeamua, tumevuka. Chama ni UDA na form ni Hustler.”

Waiguru thanked members of the Kirinyaga County Assembly for accompanying her on her journey to join the Hustler Nation.

“As a team, we will walk United so as to achieve development and growth for our people through the bottom-up economic model,” she said.

DP Ruto who welcomed Waiguru said he was proud that the governor had joined him.

“You are most welcomed and you are actually at home in this team. You have been waiting for this moment and we have been waiting for this moment and we all knew it was going to happen…When was the problem,” he said.

“We are one family, we have a history together, we have complemented each other. It would have been a big loss if we did not come together.

Ruto told Waiguru that she took a huge step towards making the decision.

“Ánne and your team, it takes courage to make serious decisions. Many people would rather make peace with mediocrity than make decisions that will shape the future,” he added.

He said Kenya will easily be transformed when leaders work together.

“We do not have a luxury of hate and division. We need everyone on board to confront our challenges.”

The Deputy President said the energy and focus that leaders used to forming Jubilee Party will be used in building UDA.

He said UDA was keen on having more women in political leadership.

“We will ensure that there is a conducive environment for women to seek leadership in our country,” he argued.

He assured political aspirants that there will be fair and just competition in the party.

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