Govt urged to swiftly Interven To Address Insecurity In Volatile Kerio Valley

Govt urged to swiftly Interven To Address Insecurity In Volatile Kerio Valley

NAIROBI, Kenya Oct 16 –The National Council of NGOs has called on the government and other stakeholders to address persistent insecurity challenges in Elgeyo-Marakwet and Kerio valley areas.

The Council issued the appeal on Saturday following the recent murder of a woman and her children by suspected bandits in Marakwet East and a local agricultural officer based at Tot in the Kerio Valley.

While condemning the two incidents, Stephen Cheboi, the Chairperson of National Council of NGOs said in a statement that there was an urgent need to find a permanent solution to the perennial killings in the region.

“The National Council of NGOs call upon local leadership, professionals and peace stakeholders in the entire region to come together and address the insecurity challenges that has affected the area for a long time,” said Cheboi.

Cheboi called for peaceful co-existence of communities living across the country as he urged the government to take stern action against those responsible.

“We further appeal to the government to take stern action on the bandits that are terrorizing innocent and peace-loving citizens in the conflict front areas in the country,” he added.

The NGO Council noted that peace is paramount in every part of the country.

Kerio valley is infamous for cattle rustling and has been described as the valley of death due to massive loss of lives brought about by cyclic of violence.

Majority of the residents in the region depend on pastoralism for their livelihoods, pastoral communities engaging in endless clashes over water, pasture and cattle rustling.

The proliferation of illegal arms among the communities has also contributed to the perennial conflict which have resulted in deaths.

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