I convinced Kibaki to appoint Uhuru as Deputy PM, he owes me-Kalonzo

I convinced Kibaki to appoint Uhuru as Deputy PM, he owes me-Kalonzo

BY JOAN WANJIKU,NAIROBI,7TH OCT,2021-Wiper Party Leader Kalonzo Musyoka has now revealed that he played a significant role in President Uhuru Kenyatta’s appointment as Deputy Prime Minister during President Mwai Kibaki’s second term in office.

Kalonzo was speaking at the Safari Park Hotel, where OKA principals were meeting with a section of leaders from Central Kenya under the Mt Kenya Foundation umbrella.

“I will tell you some truth which I’m saying for the first time publicly, It was me who convinced Mzee Kibaki to appoint President Uhuru the Deputy Prime Minister,” Kalonzo said.

According to Kalonzo, given the political tensions at the time, the then-head of state, Kibaki, was hesitant to appoint another Kikuyu to a high office.

“Because Mzee Kibaki was a nationalist, he told me Vice President, you want me to appoint another Kikuyu?” Kalonzo reminisced. 

“Because you remember the Kofi Anna Talks when Raila appointed Mudavadi… and then I was in PNU alliance with Kibaki… I told him, yes! And Uhuru became the deputy prime minister and the minister for trade, and eventually, the Minister for Finance,” Kalonzo added. 

The Wiper leader, who is also a candidate for president in 2022, claimed, albeit lightly, that through his input, Uhuru was able to build the muscle to run for president as he progressed through various government positions.

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