Kalonzo to Ruto: Come clean on the source of your wealth

Kalonzo to Ruto: Come clean on the source of your wealth

BY NAMULONGO PETER,NAIROBI,26TH SEPT,2021-Wiper Democratic Movement leader Kalonzo Musyoka has revisited the issue of the wealth attached to Deputy President William Ruto and wants him to clear the air once and for all over the matter.

Kalonzo says Ruto’s source of abundant finances is questionable, wondering how the country’s second in command can ‘dish out’ millions of money at every turn yet his monthly income is known to the public.

“Where did you (Ruto) get the money? In Kitui alone, you donated Kshs.10 Million and yet your salary is only 1.2 million?”  The former vice president posed while addressing mourners at the burial of his former driver and friend George Musyoka and wife Wayua.

According to Kalonzo, Ruto has amassed a lot of wealth during his time as the country’s deputy President.

He says it is ironic how leaders get their wealth corruptly and turn around to use the looted wealth to bribe their way to popularity and even election to political offices.

He said the electorate is watching every leader and the burden of proof lies on Ruto. For as long as he doesn’t come clean, then his wealth will be understood to be a product of corruption.

He further dismissed the DP’s bottom-up economic approach labeling it instead as  ‘handout economics’ whose intent and purpose was to provide a quick fix and not a sustainable economic model that can prosper a country.

Kalonzo charged that poverty and unemployment in Kenya have their roots in corruption.

Kalonzo promised that his Presidency will get rid of corruption in real terms and create wealth to fellow Kenyans in a big and massive way.

“This is the time to end corruption in Kenya. You can trust me to do that.” He vowed

During various stopovers in Mwingi,  his political turf, the Wiper leader his support base that this time around, he will not play second fiddle to any other leader and that his name will be on the ballot for the Presidency.

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