DP RUTO in Awendo to drive the hustler narrative

DP RUTO in Awendo to drive the hustler narrative

BY KORIR JUMA/DPPS,25TH SEPT,2021-The Deputy President Dr William Ruto Saturday morning took his hustler campaign to Migori wooing residents to support his presidential aspirations.

The deputy president said his intention as he moves across the country to seek Kenyan support for his presidential ambitions was to build a national party.

“We must commit to building national political parties that carry the national agenda and can deliver a government with a national face. It should be a party of choice in Migori as is in Turkana, and any other part of Kenya,” he said.

The DP in addition said that a party with a national agenda is an outfit that will tackle tribalism and bring meaningful political stability in our country.

Ruto in his campaign trail gave a boost to Boda Boda riders in Awendo by giving their cooperative Ksh 1.5 million.

‘Mama mboga’s’ were also not left behind as he pledged to also boost their business with an additional Ksh 500,000.

In addition, Ruto vowed that when elected as Head of State next year, he would ensure the youth and small businesses in every constituency get government allocation to the tune of Ksh 120 million in every budget.

Migori Governor Okoth Obado led other leaders in the county in hosting the deputy president, who said, the governor was his longtime ally.

Obado was elected on the Orange Democratic Movement ticket for his second term which ends in 2022.

However, he decamped and returned to People Democratic Party, on which he won his first term.

The move by Obado is a boost to Ruto’s presidential bid, as the governor has been key in bringing on board to Tangatanga immediate former Awendo MP Jared Kopiyo who met Ruto days before the Saturday event at his Nairobi office.

Other grassroots leaders who flanked Ruto include MPs Mathias Robi, Marwa Kitayama, Silvanus Osoro, Ndindi Nyoro, former Awendo MP Jared Kopiyo, Omingo Magara among others.

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