Sad:Nakuru doctor who allegedly killed his two children dies in hospital

Sad:Nakuru doctor who allegedly killed his two children dies in hospital

BY NAMULONGO PETER,NAIROBI,22ND SEPT,2021-James Gakara, a doctor who is alleged to have killed his two children, has died while undergoing treatment at the Nakuru Level 5 Hospital.

The deceased has been in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at the facility since he was found unconscious in his Milimani home in Nakuru.

Gakara, who was an obstetrician at Optimum Current Hospital, is suspected to have killed his two children aged 3 and 5 before attempting to commit suicide.

According to a police report , he reportedly injected them with a killer substance as assorted drugs, used syringes and a kitchen knife were found at the scene of the crime.

The lifeless bodies of the children were found with foam oozing out of their mouths, while the doctor was found lying on his bed barely alive.

He was rushed to the Nakuru Level 5 Hospital where he was being treated pending questioning and arraignment for murder charges.

“Neighbours had become suspicious after the doctor locked himself up with the children which they found unusual,” read the police report.

“They immediately alerted detectives who rushed to the apartment and forced their way inside since the door had been latched and no response was coming.”

The family of Dr. Gakara broke their silence over the matter, with his sister saying he loved his family and the sudden turn of events has left them traumatized.

“Maneno haya ni mazito kufikiria…ndugu yangu hana ubaya na mtu…anapenda familia yake,” said Mary Gakara.

Mary said Gakara seemed jovial throughout the weekend prior to the incident and did not show any signs of distress. She further disputed claims that the couple was not seeing eye to eye.

“Hakuna siku aliwahi baki na watoto pekee…maid hukuwa…sisemi hawezi fanya, lakini sielewi na siamini,” she stated.

The Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentist’s union (KMPDU) has since said that mental wellness among doctors should be prioritized.

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