Raila scoffs at anti-BBI crusaders, says they are  lying to Kenyans.

Raila scoffs at anti-BBI crusaders, says they are lying to Kenyans.

BY NAMULONGO PETER,NAIROBI,18TH JULY,2021-Opposition leader Raila Odinga has lashed out at political leaders and activists opposed to the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI), claiming they have been dishonest on the contents of the Constitution of Kenya Amendment Bill 2020.

Raila who was speaking at Chitengerwa village of Matuga Constituency in Kwale County during the burial of Mzee Hassan Chitembe Bundu, says the anti-BBI crusaders have been ‘peddling lies’ for their own selfish interests and not the people as they claim.

He said the leaders who opposed the 2010 constitution are the same ones going round the country allegedly misrepresenting the truth about what is contained in the BBI Draft Bill. He singled out the widespread speculations to the effect that BBI would create positions for individuals after next year’s general election.

“We sat at the Bomas for over one year as your representatives. We held discussions and came up with a report” he said.

“The issue of positions in the Executive is contained in the Bomas draft and was just lifted and put in the BBI recommendations, it is in black and white,” he charged.

The former Prime Minister wondered why the BBI opponents are against its proposals including increased allocations to the counties. He says BBI takes the threshold from the current 15% to 35% in order to enhance service delivery to the people.

“They are not interested in services reaching you, they want the money to be controlled in Nairobi for them to loot and put in their pockets like they have been doing”, he said.

The ODM leader said there are numerous proposals in the BBI report that would benefit the common Mwananchi, “but since they know they will not have anywhere to steal from, they want to oppose it and peddle lies to you”.

Mr. Odinga praised the late Mzee Chitembe who died last evening after a long illness as a brave man who stood for the rights of the people.

“I knew him him many years ago. In the struggle for political pluralism, he was on the fire-front and championed for the rights of the people of the Coast”, he said.

“He was my friend, I consulted him on many things touching on the needs of the people of this region. His death is a big blow to me, the party and the people of Coast”.

Other leaders present at the funeral included Kwale County Senator Issa Juma Boy, Matuga MP Kassim Tandaza, Suna East MP Junet Mohammed, Kwale County ODM Chairman Hassan Mwanyoha and Political activist Tony Gachoka among others…

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