At home

Joannah Stutchbury At home
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Environmentalist Joannah Stutchbury, 67 years, was shot dead outside her home near Windsor Country Club at around 10pm on Thursday night in what appears to have been a targeted killing.

Logs and branches were placed on the road near Mushroom Gardens where she lived. She stopped and was shot four times, once in the head. The neighbours found her dead with the car engine still running.

Joannah had been campaigning to save Kiambu Forest near Windsor which has been invaded by squatters and elite people with land allocations. The forest belongs to Kenya Forest Service but has not been officially gazetted.

Joannah was reportedly threatened by one developer at gunpoint earlier this year.

Stutchbury sitting in the scoop of a digger to protect a swamp in Karura Forest from a developer

Defending Karura Forest Stutchbury sitting in the scoop of a digger to protect a swamp in Karura Forest from a developer
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She was one of the leaders of the Permaculture movement in Kenya.

Stutchbury also owned 10 acres of land there which would be worth at least Sh500 million for residential development.

In 2018, environmentalist Esmond Bradley Martin was murdered in Langata amid speculation that developers wanted to take over his 27 acre plot.

Joannah was a third-generation Kenyan. Her grandfather was one of the founders of the Muthaiga Club.

“Joannah was a big help to KFS and was a big voice against the destruction of Kiambu Forest. We need a detailed investigation by the police to find out what happened and what was the motive. People should not forget what happened,” a KFS official told the Star