Unknown people brakes into Laikipia County Assembly destroys computer

Unknown people brakes into Laikipia County Assembly destroys computer

BY CORRESPONDENT,2ND JULY,2021-Detectives in Laikipia are looking into an incident in which a man was caught on CCTV breaking into the Assembly at around 2 a.m. on Friday.

The incident was confirmed by Assembly Speaker Patrick Waigwa, who stated that no property was stolen during the incident.

Detectives are working to solve the mystery of the break-in, as one of the computers appears to have been broken into and destroyed.

“He came last night, we do not know who he was, and he did not steal anything, but he destroyed one computer,” Speaker Waigwa told Citizen Digital on Friday.

Following the incident, all staff and county assembly members have been directed to work from home until the investigation into the incident is completed.

“We have requested members of staff and the county assembly to stay away from the office because we do not know the motive of the intruder,” Waigwa added.

After the incident, the Speaker told Citizen Digital that he enlisted the help of police officers from Nyeri and Nanyuki counties.

“We have enlisted the help of expert who have been combing the office for bombs and other security threats because you may not know what the intruder was after, ” he added.

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