Protests and looting as Eswatini government tightens security

Protests and looting as Eswatini government tightens security

BY CORRESPONDENT,2ND JULY,2021-The government of the Kingdom of Eswatini has condemned the acts of looting that have been witnessed during ongoing protests.

In a statement, Acting Prime Minister Themba Masuku said that the riots have degenerated into criminality and are infringing on many and basic social rights of emaSwati.

“While we continue to protect and to promote the full expression of all constitutional and human rights, including the right to protest, we cannot condone the attacks on emaSwati and their property.

Eswatini’s Acting Prime Minister Themba Masuku.

Masuku said the government has beefed up security to reclaim the rule of law, peace, and to protect its citizens.

“We will continue not to tolerate the looting, arson, violence and all other forms of criminality that are directed at businesses and people’s property,” acting PM Masuku said.

He added that the country’s army has been called in to protect critical national infrastructure and to enforce Covid-19 regulations.

The government has also dismissed the claims that it had declared martial law.

Masuku said that the government has received the issues that have been raised and are being given the necessary attention.

The protests emerged following a protester involving the majority of the young people demanding major reforms.

The protesters have been calling for King Mswati to make way as part of democratic reforms, including free elections.

Eswatini, formally known as Swaziland is the only country in Africa with an absolute monarchy.

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