DCI Intercepts Fake Gold Consignment At A JKIA Freight Station

DCI Intercepts Fake Gold Consignment At A JKIA Freight Station

BY JOAN WANJIKU,NAIROBI,27TH JUNE,2021-Detectives from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations have intercepted fake gold bars from a room belonging to Swissport transit freight station at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport.

The detectives in a statement on Sunday said they unearthed that the fraudsters who have perfected their art in posh areas where they con investors.

“It is in these upmarket establishments, where they perfected the art of international organized gold scam fraud, by luring unsuspecting genuine investors from across the world to part with millions of money in exchange of fake gold,” DCI stated.

In the fraud alert, DCI noted they exploited the services of custody of private memorabilia and treasure banking and started depositing fake gold in banks.

As such, in one such deal gone sour, a businessman lost over Sh34 million to the tricksters, who immediately went underground after they received the payments.

According to DCI, the multi-million-shilling conspiracy is also executed with the help of various agencies, including some government institutions.

DCI further warned that the cons have invented new methods of luring investors in different parts of the world.

“In an operation led by the DCI Director in March 2019, detectives had stormed a prominent international bank with tentacles across major world capitals, and discovered dozens of fake gold deposits, that had been shown to many traders who fell victim to the scheme. Following the collapse of this gimmick, the fraudsters have now reinvented themselves, and creatively devised a seemingly smart way of luring investors to airports, to be shown the gold,” the agency added.

The fraudsters then acquire posh premises in high-end estates once they receive payments.

Detectives cautioned anyone within or outside the country intending to venture in gold business, to beware of the fraudsters who keep changing tactics and mode of operation.

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