COVID19 EXPENDITURE: Nairobi county executive appears before Senate in bathrobe

COVID19 EXPENDITURE: Nairobi county executive appears before Senate in bathrobe

BY JOAN WANJIKU,NAIROBI,9TH JUNE,2021-The Senate Health Committee was taken by surprise on Wednesday morning when a top Nairobi county official appeared in a Zoom meeting while in a bathrobe.

Nairobi County Executive for Health Hitan Majevdia, who had logged in the session, had his mouth full, suggesting he was having a meal and was dressed in a bathrobe.

The County Government of Nairobi and Nairobi Metropolitan Service had been invited to appeared before the committee to answer queries on the Special Audit Report by the Auditor General on the utilization of Covid-19 funds by county governments.

Expressing their disappointment, Wajir Senator Abdullahi Ali said the CEC for Health was taking the committee session for a ride.

“It is very disrespectful for a whole County official to appear before Senate committee not properly dressed and yet he has no responses for us,” he said.

Majevdia also appeared not to be prepared as he had not submitted any documents pertaining to the queries.

“I don’t have the responses with me as the County Secretary and the Deputy Governor have them,” he said.

When asked where his bosses were, Majevdia said they would join the meeting later as they were engaged somewhere else.

Majevdia later apologised.

County Secretary Justus Musumba said they did not receive a formal invite to appear before the meeting.

“I wrote to the clerk of the health committee on whether the county government should appear but I did not get any response,” he said.

The secretariat, however, said in the last meeting the committee resolved that the county government was to appear before the Health committee.

The committee chairperson, Trans Nzoia Senator Michael Mbito directed that the CEC should leave the meeting immediately.

“The CEC is in a bathrobe and is not properly dressed. The Covid-19 funds is not a joke and he should take this matter seriously,” he said.

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