budget reading  on Thursday faces possibilities of being delayed

budget reading on Thursday faces possibilities of being delayed

BY NAMULONGO PETER,NAIROBI,8TH JUNE,2021-MPs have threatened to block Thursday’s Budget reading over delays in disbursement of National Government Constituency Development Fund (NG-CDF) cash.

The lawmakers on Tuesday said Treasury has failed to honour its earlier promise to have the cash reflected in the Constituencies’ accounts before the end of the current financial year.

According to Aldai MP Cornelly Serem, Treasury has not released up to Sh13.9 billion to the Fund, raising fears of a possibility of the balance crossing over into the next financial year.

The lawmaker said they will do everything to block Treasury CS Ukur Yatani from reading the budget if money shall not hit their accounts by Thursday.

Speaker Justin Muturi told those responsible to take serious note of the matter or be ready for trouble on Thursday.

“Those people in Treasury called mandarins, they have heard. They are likely to face some headwinds when they come here,” Muturi said.

“It is good to prepare, when you are flying a small plane when you see heavy clouds you don’t fly towards those heavy clouds. I believe they have been given appropriate prior notice that there are likely to be heavy clouds and if they are using choppers they are likely to get lost in the clouds if they come here.”

“You can move these members to boycott and do whatever it is to ensure the CS heeds your plea. Am sure they have heard you.”

Rising on point of order, Serem who is a member of the CDF Committee told the House that Treasury CS Ukur Yatani had promised to release Sh2 billion every week for the months of May and June, a promise he is yet to honour.

“We had been promised Sh2 billion per week for the month of May and June, we have only received Sh2 biliion. If this continues by the end of this month we will be having a balance of Sh11.9 billion which is against the promise we were given when we were discussing the supplementary budget.”

The Aldai lawmaker said they will not allow CS Yatani to read the Budget highlights for the year 2021/22 if he the money does not reflect in the constituencies’ accounts by tomorrow.

“I am not making threats but am telling the Treasury that if we don’t get the cash before Thursday then the budget will not happen on this floor,” he said.

He added: “I’m telling you chairman (Budget Committee chairman Kanini Kega) that if he is going to move a motion that touches on budget, it will not happen on Thursday. It is not a threat but am promising you that we will work so hard to make sure it does not happen.”

The lawmaker said many students who depend on the constituency bursaries are still stuck at home because of school fees.

He called on his colleagues to stand firm for the sake of Kenyans who are suffering because of the Treasury’s delay.

“It is a big shame for members of this house to discuss on what to be done in the next financial year and we are doing nothing to what is happening now. We are discussing building this country and we are leaving our children to stay at home. Which future are we discussing I we are not willing discuss their future.”

Yatani is expected to present budget highlights and revenue raising measures for the national government for the financial year 2021/21 tomorrow from 3.15 pm.

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