Am still in office legally, Impeached Wajir Governor Mohammudsays

Am still in office legally, Impeached Wajir Governor Mohammudsays

BY JOAN WANJIKU,NAIROBI,25TH MAY,2021-Impeached Wajir Governor Mohamed Abdi Mohammud insists he is still in power and performing his duties despite the decision made by the Senate upholding his impeachment by the county assembly.

In what could be termed as going down fighting, Mohammud says the courts have stayed the decision made by the Senate and the status quo remains until his case is heard and determined.

However, leaders from Wajir County are calling on the Governor to accept the decision made by the Senate and be ready to be led for services to reach the common mwananchi in Wajir.

Led by the current Governor Ahmed Ali Mukhtar who was deputizing Mohammud and Eldas MP Adan Keynan, the leaders say Mohammud shouldn’t cause trouble in the county.

“We appeal to him to come on board as a citizen of the county and help us to deliver to the people of Wajir,” Mukhtar said.

They said despite the former Governor going to several courts seeking orders, he remains a stranger in the office of the Governor.

“Until the courts hear and determine his case, Wajir has a governor, there is no vacuum and we are more than ready to deliver to the people of Wajir,” added Mukhtar.

However, Mohammud extended an olive branch to the leaders saying they should come together and allow him to finish his term.

“To my Deputy I know you as a humble man who has no ill intentions, I promise you that our relationship will remain the same as we serve the greater people of Wajir. To the MCAs, I confirm to you that I have no ill feelings and there is no love lost among us, I call upon you that we should bury our differences and deliver to our people,” Mohammud said.

Mohammud believes his impeachment was politically motivated to tilt the 2022 Wajir gubernatorial contest.

“The import of these orders is that I continue to be in the office as prescribed by law until the petition is heard and determined, the hurried swearing in of the Deputy proves that the my purported removal was well engineered from the beginning so as to influence the 2022 political matrix of Wajir County,” he added.

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