On the right track: National Assembly passes the BBI Bill overwhelmingly

On the right track: National Assembly passes the BBI Bill overwhelmingly

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BY JOAN WANJIKU,NAIROBI, 7TH MAY 2021-The National Assembly on Thursday night overwhelmingly passed the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) driven Constitution of Kenya Amendment Bill 2020.

A total of 320 Members of Parliament participated in voting during the Second Reading where 235 of them voted in favour of the bill while 83 voted against it with two others abstaining.

During voting in the Third Reading, which occurred a few minutes to midnight, 224 MPs voted in support of the bill while 63 shot it down and two abstained.

The voting was largely divided along political lines with lawmakers allied to BBI co-principals President Uhuru Kenyatta and former premier Raila Odinga voting in support of the bill.

Most of those associated with Deputy President William Ruto shot down the bill, with a small section of them however mysteriously siding with the Yes team.

The other House of Parliament, the Senate, is now expected to vote on the bill next week before paving the way for a referendum.

President Kenyatta and Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) leader Raila recently urged members of the two Houses of Parliament to pass the BBI Bill.

The BBI co-principals, in a joint statement released on Wednesday evening, told both members of the National Assembly and the Senate to uphold the will of the millions of Kenyans who appended their signatures in support of the bill.

The duo also asked the lawmakers to shelve their personal political pursuits and stand with the 44 County Assemblies that approved the bill.

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