‘I was ready to go or to stay on’ Senator Wako’s battle with Covid-19

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BY JOAN WANJIKU,NAIROBI,26TH APRIL,2021-Busia Senator Amos Wako has shared about his battle with Covid-19, an encounter he describes as a near-death experience.

Wako, who is also Kenya’s longest-serving Attorney General in both the Moi and Kibaki regimes was hospitalized with Covid-19 in February and was under oxygen support for two and a half weeks.

In an interview, the Senator spoke about the traumatizing moments he went through and how the encounter completely changed his perspective and priorities towards life.

“You start thinking if I go to the next world and I’m asked what I’ve done. What have I achieved? What have I not done? Whom have I wronged and I may not have time to seek for forgiveness or make amends. In fact you pray to God for some extra life and more days,” he explained.

“I reviewed my life and I was ready to go or to stay on,” Wako said.

The Senator said at first he sought self-medication while ignoring the symptoms he was experiencing such as; dizziness, loss of breath, and hallucinations.

“I suffered from hallucinations even people I knew I asked them what their name was and that was very embarrassing,” he said

“Part of my mistake and that is why it was serious is that I was attributing any symptom to something else. I did not think I would suffer from Covid and therefore because of that delay in being tested that’s why it was serious. Had I gone right on time maybe I would not even have been admitted, I would have recovered from home,” he added.

Wako known to his peers as the smiling AG said despite the loneliness during his battle with Covid-19 he never lost his smile… “It never disappeared” and would find himself interacting with healthcare workers at that time when family and friends would not visit him.

However, Wako acknowledged the high cost involved in treating covid-19 especially for those without an insurance cover which at times may not be enough to cater for the expenses.

“The cost is very high but I was not worried about the cost, the Senate had taken it up but I can imagine somebody who has no insurance and it may not cater for everything. But at that stage you are not concerned about the cost, you just want to go back to your normal health and you can deal with issues of the cost later,” he stated

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