I acted in the best intrests of the law,Chitembwe says previous graft prosecution before CJ interviewing panel

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BY JOAN WANJIKU,NAIROBI,12TH APRIL,2021-Justice Said Chitembwe on Monday became emotional when questioned about his prosecution during an interview for the Chief Justice job.

Commissioner Evelyne Olwande asked him what he thinks of prosecution now that he has gone through the process of being prosecuted and acquitted.

“When you go through the process you know… My personal experience was me and the CEO of NSSF were prosecuted then two the lawyers joined the case with the intention to delay the case, they filed the case to stop the hearing of the case,” Chitembwe said.

“I moved to the Court of Appeal…”

Chitembwe got emotional, saying from experience if you see an accused raising his hand in court, listen to them.

“As you sit as a judicial officer you should be able to hear the accused before you.”

Chitembwe was charged with corruption related to embezzlement of funds at the NSSF when he was the company secretary.

An emotional Chitembwe says he did not understand why the court took 30 days to give a bail ruling in a corruption case.

“It’s the wearer of the shoe that knows, but mine cannot be a bad example because we were heard in one year and the magistrate ruled there was no case to answer.”

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