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NARC-K’s Martha Karua now asks govt to intensify screening, vaccination in designated covid infected zones

BY WANJIKU WAWERU,NAIROBI,29TH MARCH,2021-Narc Kenya party is calling for an escalation of testing and vaccinations ín areas designated as disease-infected zones.

This according to party leader Martha Karua will ensure a return to normalcy at the earliest moment possible.

According to Karua, the current wave of covid-19 is lethal and has already caused so much pain and suffering to multitudes.”

“Many of us have either lost a loved one or know someone who has. Further, the dire experience many have had, seeking hospital beds for the loved ones, has been extremely difficult and emotionally exhausting.” Karua said in a statement Monday.

To effectively roll out this initiative and to provide economic relief to the majority of Kenyans, the Narc Kenya Party leader says the government should take up the cost of testing and treatment of Covid-19 in public facilities across the country.

“The government (should) urgently procure adequate vaccines to cover all those in need and eligible for the vaccines,” she said.

Karua further wants immediate measures instituted to enhance capacity in all county hospitals for testing and response to the critically ill.

At the same time, the former minister called on the state to roll out the distribution of food subsidies and expansion of transfers to the vulnerable members of the society.

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