Jubilee expresses interest in  giving its  views on BBI, writes to parliament

Jubilee expresses interest in giving its views on BBI, writes to parliament

BY JAON WANJIKU,NAIROBI,9TH MARCH,2021-Jubilee party has written to Parliament expressing interest to give views on BBI.

JP Secretary General Raphael Tuju on Tuesday said the party will appear before the joint JLAC of National Assembly and Senate on Thursday this week.

Parliament will be holding public participation on the Constitution Amendment Bill, 2021 this Thursday.

A joint parliamentary committee tasked with steering the Constitution of Kenya (Amendment) Bill, 2020 will on Wednesday meet to develop a roadmap for public participation.

The Justice and Legal Affairs committees of the two houses planned the public engagement following the tabling of the bill.

The bill was formally introduced in the Senate and National Assembly for steering through the next stages by the joint committees.

This is after the speakers of the houses received certificates passage of the bills from more than 24 county assemblies as stipulated in the Constitution.

Senate JLAC committee chairman Okongo Omogeni, who is the co-chair of the joint committees, said tomorrow’s meeting will agree on the modalities, programme and the period the exercise will take.

“We have agreed that we retreat separately and discuss and then meet jointly tomorrow and discuss what each committee has presented then we agree,” Omogeni said.

He added, “We will decide how for how long we can go on Thursday. If we will have a few people seeking to present, then we will finish on Thursday but if they are many, then we will give them time.”

The Nyamira senator said the Constitution requires Parliament to carrying out public participation especially on crucial matters such as the change of the Constitution.


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