Millicent Omanga dramatically storms NCIC boardroom, claims time wastage

Millicent Omanga dramatically storms NCIC boardroom, claims time wastage

BY JOAN WANJIKU,NAIROBI,8TH MARCH,2021-Nominated Senator Millicent Omanga on Monday caused drama at NCIC offices after storming into a boardroom. Omanga, who was summoned to the offices, complained of time wastage.

In a video seen by the Star, Omanga was heard complaining that she was tired of waiting for her turn.

“I can’t sit here for the last one hour. You should have given us timelines instead of leaving it open,” she said.

But the officials were heard urging her to wait so that they could finish with another person.

“For how long? If you told me at 12, I would have come here by 12, if you said 1pm I would have come but you told me 11am.. if you knew you are taking an hour or two with every member you should have calculated….,” Omanga retorted.

However, just like any other ordinary Kenyan, when summoned, Omanga had to wait.

Omanga was among 10 politicians who had been summoned by NCIC for allegedly fueling political violence during last week’s Matungu and Kabuchai by-elections.

NCIC chairman Samuel Kobia said the legislators were expected to appear before the commission on Monday to shed light on the role they played during the chaos witnessed during the elections.

Kobia said the summonses do not just indicate the commission’s intention to investigate and prosecute the lawmakers, but also the plan to stop those exhibiting unethical conduct from occupying public office.


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