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Three more counties of Vihiga,nairobi and Laikipia pass BBI bill

BY JOAN WANJIKU,NAIROBI,18TH FEB,2021-The BBI Bill has sailed through three more county assemblies; Vihiga, Nairobi and Laikipia which passed the Bill on Thursday, becoming the ninth, tenth and eleventh county assemblies to do so.

In Nairobi, members of the assembly passed the Bill unanimously, with the 114 legislators present voting in its support.

And in Laikipia, the assembly became the first in the Mt. Kenya region to pass the bill with the legislators also voting unanimously in its support.

In Nairobi- the center of Kenyan politics- BBI proponents led by Maina Kamanda thanked the county assembly, saying that county number 47 had spoken resoundingly.

According to Kamanda, those who were opposing the bill are some of the most corrupt leaders in Kenya who are wary of getting jailed for their crimes in two years time.

“If you are corrupt, if you are a thief, you only have two years after which you will be in jail, I know most of those who are opposing the BBI are worried they will be jailed for their crimes,” Kamanda said.

Nairobi Senator Johnson Sakaja who spoke to the media after the vote thanked the assembly for a sound debate and for displaying very high standards of unity.

” We are in support of the BBI Bill and his excellency the President and the ODM leader Raila Odinga, I also want to tell any politician who wants to oppose the bill in Nairobi that such attempts are foolhardy,”Sakaja said.

He added: “I will be brief because the votes have spoken, no one knows the price of unity better than a Nairobi, well done to the MCAs for a sound debate and telling Nairobi residents the benefit of the Bill,”

The bill requires the support of at least 24 assemblies in order to sail through to the next step- the National Assembly.

Only one county- Baringo-  has rejected it so far.

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