Persons living with disability up in arms over alleged demeaning utterances from Junet Muhamed

Persons living with disability up in arms over alleged demeaning utterances from Junet Muhamed

BY JOAN WANJIKU,NAIROBI,7TH FEB,2021-People living with disability and Kenyans at large have condemned Suna East MP Junet Mohamed for his derogatory statements against nominated Senator Isaac Mwaura based on his albinism.

In a statement on Sunday, a group of people living with disability from organisations in the 47 counties said, “We wish to condemn in the strongest of terms the remarks by Junet Mohamed that Sen Isaac Mwaura bleached his skin in order to be nominated to parliament.”

“This is not only an affront to the person and character of the distinguished senator as our representative, but it is also an abuse on the dignity of all of us collectively.

Mwaura was nominated to represent the interests of people living with disability in the Senate.

The group said, “To insinuate that Sen Mwaura bleached his skin in order to get nominated to parliament is not only discrimination on the basis of colour and disability, but also is to incite members of the public against them especially little innocent children in school who have to endure a lot of ridicule from peers and members of the community.”


Junet on Sunday succumbed to pressure and apologised for his remarks.

Taking to Twitter, he said,

Meanwhile, the lobby went ahead to say Junet’s outbursts come at a time a man – Christopher Nderitu  – wheelchair user was fatally run over by drivers of GK vehicles.

Junet had made the comments against Mwaura on Saturday.

Mwaura supports Deputy President William Ruto, who has been against BBI, and faced a disciplinary committee last week over alleged misconduct.

President Uhuru Kenyatta and ODM leader Raila Odinga are pushing for a referendum through the passing of the BBI Bill by counties.

Junet is the co-chair of the BBI secretariat.

In a charge sheet released on Monday, the party accused Mwaura of pledging allegiance to another political party contrary to Jubilee’s code of conduct.

“On December 31, 2020,in Msambweni Constituency, Senator Isaac Mwaura Maigua, acted contrary to the conduct expected of a Jubilee member when he publicly announced his new-found political allegiance to the United Democratic Alliance party during the homecoming party of the newly-elected Msambweni legislator Feisal Bader,” the charge sheet read.

The party also faulted Mwaura for wearing another party’s branding material other than that of Jubilee.

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