Virtual World Cancer Day Forum in kenya Disrupted As unknown people Screen Explicit Content

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BY JOAN WANJIKU,NAIROBI,4TH FEB,2021-A World Cancer Day virtual meeting to discuss the killer disease in Kenya ended prematurely on Thursday, after multiple intruders took over the meeting.

The intruders disrupted the meeting as oncologist David Makumi from Kenya was addressing the meeting, posting obscene images and videos which included pornographic content.

One of the intruders revealed himself and could be seen eating potato crisps, while the rest engaged the audience in derogatory posts.

The meeting was attended by Ministry of Health officials, cancer survivors and doctors and other health experts.

Just before the meeting was interrupted, Makumi shared shocking statistics of how the cancer pandemic continues to affect Kenyans, as a result straining families and government resources.

The meeting was disrupted for more than 20 minutes.

In Kenya, he said 130 people are confirmed to have cancer on a daily basis while 100 succumb to the disease every day.

“It is not fair that cancer patients are plunged into poverty due to high cost of treatment. Cancer treatment should be made a primary healthcare service with centres accessible in all our counties because as we speak, 100 people die daily due to late diagnosis among other factors,” Makumi said.


The disruption which is yet to be confirmed as a hacking incident comes at a time global firms like Google and Microsoft are currently investing on security measures, to curb one of the global menaces in every revolving cyber security world.

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