Departure time for SGR night train adjusted  to 10pm

Departure time for SGR night train adjusted to 10pm

BY JOAN WANJIKU,NAIROBI,1ST FEB,2021-Kenya Railways Corporation (KRC) has pushed the departure time for the SGR night train to 10pm.

The passenger trains to and from Mombasa will now operate between 10pm and 3:35 am under new scheduling in contrast to the earlier 9pm departure time.

Further, the night-time train will now be an express service with Kenya Railways eliminating inter-county stops between the two hubs.

The new schedule is aimed at eliminating teething challenges which include the retention of curfew hours between 10pm and 4am.

Previously, passengers disembarking from the stations before the end of curfew were required to show proof of ticketing but still faced challenges from constrained public transport operations at night.

The updated schedule now offers passengers shortened waiting times to connect with their final destinations.

The SGR night train was launched last month in response to rebounding demand for public transport following the physical re-opening of learning institutions.

The Transport Ministry exempted Kenya Railways from the curfew rules making it the only viable means of transport throughout the night.

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