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Museveni now restores uganda’s internet after a shambolic elections

BY NAMULONGO PETER,NAIROBI,18TH JAN,2021-The digitally isolated country of Uganda is now back on the World Wide Web after the government restored the internet almost one week after it was throttled down.

Ugandans immediately rushed to social media, which they still have to access via a virtual private network, to catch up with their friends and families are several days of ‘radio silence.’

WhatsApp groups sprang to life flooded by relevant messages and pending forwards which had hang in the system for several days.

E-mails started streaming in and previously scheduled zoom calls could not be accessed.

CITIZEN DIGITAL reports that there was a palpable joy in the voices of those I spoke to immediately they realized that they could go online, as if they had just been released from a digital prison after a 1-week stint.

The word ‘ Bush’ started trending almost immediately on twitter with some Ugandans jokingly saying that they felt like they had just returned to civilisation after a stint in the bush of internet.

Ugandans on twitter also known as UOT vented their frustrations about being off-line for several days.

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