I have no intention of disrespecting anyone my intention is to see a united Kenya-Irungu Kangata

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BY NAMULONGO PETER,NAIROBI,11TH JAN 2021-Senate Majority Whip Irungu Kangata insisted that the Building Bridges Initiative remains unpopular in the Mount Kenya region.

Speaking for the first time since he wrote the controversial letter to President Uhuru- advising him that BBI faced spectacular defeat in the region- Kangata said he is ready for the consequences, but he had to tell the president the truth.

“If the party decided to remove me from the position of whip because of my stand, then I will accept and thank them for giving me the chance to serve,” Kangata said early today.

He maintains the the the proponents of BBI need to change tact if the proposals are to see the light of day.

“We need to accept good ideas irrespective of who theyare coming from, there are ideas that have been given by the so called Tangatanga wing that are very good” Kangata said.

In giving credence to those who claim Kangata could be working with Deputy President William Ruto, Kangata has supported some of the proposals being pushed by Ruto’s wing.

He says the proposal to have multiple choices on the referendum is good and should be supported by all, as it will ensure at least some proposals if BBI goes through.

In supporting the multiple choices referendum, Kangata says there is the danger of the whole bill being thrown out despite some good proposals in the bill.

Kangata has however regretted the leaking of the letter, saying it was not his intention.

He explained that the letter had gone through the Secretary General of Jubilee Party Raphael Tuju, and Senate majority leader Samuel Poghisio and he could not tell when it was leaked.

He was however unable to answer if he tried to seek audience with the president to convey his message and failed.

Kangata’s letter has drawn fury from the President who has told Kangata off, insisting he is in control and does not need lecturing.

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