Son To Kiambu Couple Killed Alongside 3 Children Arrested As DCI Probes Homicide

Son To Kiambu Couple Killed Alongside 3 Children Arrested As DCI Probes Homicide

BY JOAN WANJIKU,NAIROBI,9TH JAN,2020– Was the recent killings of a five member family in Kiambu County sanctioned by their own blood?

What is the motive and why has the deceased couple’s son labeled his slain parents as satanic and killers?

These are some of the questions homicide detectives drawn from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) are grappling to find answers, for a mystery that has left a country shocked to be resolved.

Detectives Saturday confirmed arresting the couple’s son, a university student, who suspiciously went missing following the killings.

While it was initially believed he was in school, his phone signal was tracked to multiple places and at some point, in Naivasha, within Nakuru County.

“He was in Thika at some point and later Kabete,” a senior detective privy to the ongoing murder probe told Capital News.

The mutilated bodies of the couple and their three children were found in their Karuri village home, 48 hours after their farm worker was killed.

Njoroge Warunge, was a nurse based in the United States and had visited his family over the festive season.

His wife Anne was a nurse based in Kiambu.

Warunge was slit on his neck and had 34 stab wounds.

“It was a horrible seen,” another detective who visited the scene, said.

The family is said to have lost other relatives in equally suspicious circumstances.

“We want to revisit them and see whether we can get answers to this mystery,” Kiambu Police boss Ali Nuno said in a phone interview with Capital News.

At least five suspects belived to have aided in the crime are being pursued over the killings.

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