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Back to school:CS Magoha warns teachers against sending children back home over fees, Sanitizers

BY NAMULONGO PETER,NAIROBI,2ND JAN,2021-Education Cabinet Secretary George has warned against sending learners away over fees as Kenya prepared to fully reopen schools Monday.

Magoha, who was speaking in Kibera secondary school during an inspection tour, said that teachers should be considerate of parents whose livelihoods have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic that forced closure in March 2020 when the first case was confirmed in the country.

“There are Kenyans who may have a little challenge to come with exact fees for the boarding house, can we deal with them humanely, and those who cannot affords at all, let us understand, you cannot send them home to do nothing,” Magoha said.

Kenya reopened schools partially in October 2020 for Form 4, Class 8 candidates and Grade 4.

At the same time, Magoha warned that Government will deal with parents who will take advantage of the leniency and refuse to pay fees for their children despite their ability

He said that all parents should buy masks for their children and further advised them against heeding calls by specific schools who will ask them to purchase sanitisers.

“The situation where teachers are asking students to bring large quantities of sanitisers shall not be allowed, because we don’t want to have a situation where you have too much sanitisers which will be used for other things,” the CS said.

He said that sanitisers will only be used in public places in schools.

“If we have a situation that school has disciplined students who can have small bottles of sanitizers, then we shall hold those teachers privately responsible for the safety of those children,” the CS added.

He said that the government had identified nearly 3 million children who cannot afford to buy masks but assured that the Ministry of Health in partnership with Kenya Commercial Bank and UNICEF will provide nearly 7 million masks to cater for them.

“There shall be no corruption in distribution of masks,” Magoha added.

He affirmed that the Government had transferred students whose schools were submerged during the rainy season noting that no student will miss school.

“The Government has provided sufficient funds to ensure students have been resettled, some have been relocated. We have allocated between Sh10- 100 million and we are going to start building schools in other sites and no children will be affected,” Magoha said.

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