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BBI politics feature at the late Joe Nyagah’s burial as DP Ruto appeals to kenyans to build consensus

BY DPPS,19TH DEC,2020-Deputy President William Ruto has appealed to Kenyans to strive to build a consensus that brings everybody on board.

He said conversations on the BBI referendum should stay to its course of seeking to unite all Kenyans and not creating divisions.

Ruto while reading president Uhuru Kenyatta’s speech at the late Joe Nyagah’s burial said being accommodative of each will see good ideas give way to better ideas.

“Let us not be too hard on each other but rather build a consensus that brings everybody together when. When we get hard enough we only create a scenario of the other side wanting to outshine the other,” Ruto said.

He added, “As a country we have what it takes to carry everybody into the future and under all circumstances, we must all strive to stick to that calling”.

Ruto said the late Nyagah was a good man and it would be difficult not to agree with him.

Nyagah died at the Nairobi Hospital while receiving treatment last week Friday.

“He had expertise in diplomacy and was well educated, he knew God and did what everybody would say that was the right thing,” the DP said.

Ruto said it should be remembered that alongside president Uhuru Kenyatta, they were all members of the Orange Democratic Movement and there is nothing that is impossible in the political world.

We only chatted on different paths and we became competitors. But as you are all aware now that we have now embarked on a journey to follow in the footsteps of Nyagah in the BBI course to unite all Kenyans,” he said.

Earlier on Ruto hit out at the proponents of the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI), accusing them of misleading Kenyans with the proposed constitution changes.


The DP made the remarks while addressing mourners at the burial service of Kabuchai MP James Mukwei in Bungoma County.


The DP said it is unfortunate some leaders had embarked on a Yes-No debate when three-quarters of Kenyans haven’t even read the BBI report.

“Before we move any step in regard to the change in the constitution, let every Kenyan be given a copy of the BBI report for them to read, understand and know why we need to change the constitution,” Ruto said.

He added,  “There is a need for us to change the retrogressive politics in our country. We can only do so if we stop talking about who wants to be the President or who wants to be the Prime Minister and many other positions for politicians”.

Uhuru in his eulogy said the late Nyagah was equally a hard-working gentleman, whose diligence enabled him to shine in whatever task he put his arms on.

“He demonstrated the virtue of consistence of purpose and exceptional dedication that so him being sought to manage and oversee operations of key entities, both in the Republic of Kenya and abroad,” Uhuru said.

The head of state said Nyangah in all the places he served left an enduring mark of excellence with his unique ability to understand the challenges of the times and to use his skills to turn around both public and private entities to success.

“We fondly recall how he successfully turned around the fortunes of Kenya Airways making it the pride of Africa. At the opportune moment, honorable Joe ventured into politics where he extended his service delivery progress by serving Kenyans as a legislator, and as a cabinet secretary, as a cabinet minister. Indeed, Joe was a great person,” he said.

Uhuru said was a friendly leader highly experienced in public service and a very influential politician.

What stood out most in my many years of interaction with him was his brilliance and clarity of mind when articulating matters of public interest.

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