BBI politics dominate ex matungu MP the late Justus Murunga’s burial in kakamega

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BY JOAN WANJIKU,5TH DEC 2020-The politics of BBI dominated the burial of the former Matungu MP Justus Murunga at his home in Matungu constituency in Kakamega on Saturday with leaders who attended using the platform to express their positions. The  Amani National Congress (ANC) party leader Musalia Mudavadi  said that the country should bring to an end the ongoing Building Bridges Initiative debate and allow the country to move forward.

Speaking during the burial ceremony of Matungu MP Justus  Murunga, at Makunda primary school in Kakamega, Mudavadi said that the BBI has held the country hostage.

He said that the debate is not good for the economy of the country, adding that investors might be scared, hence not investing in the country

“The more we prolong something, the more we delay the process of recovery. BBI has been here for two years and now we are entering the third year. If we prolong this thing again, we are delaying the process of economic recovery,” Mudavadi said.

Mudavadi asked Deputy President William Ruto who was also at the burial to join the race and support the BBI.

However, the DP disagreed with Mudavadi, saying that it is never too late to make further changes in the current BBI Bill 2020.

“We are confusing investors. We are delaying investors. We are making them uncertain because they do not know where this thing (BBI) is going to go. For how long are we going to delay them? Let us get rid of this uncertainty. Let us burst the boil.”

Mudavadi added that Kenyans will decide the fate of BBI by voting YES or NO.

“I am also tired of speaking about BBI. Let us burst it.”

ODM leader Raila Odinga avoided the BBI debate at the ceremony.

Ruto eulogized Murunga as a leader who worked with all leaders across the political divide.

Responding to Mudavadi on BBI, the DP said that it is not too late to make more changes to the BBI Bill 2020.

“It is never too late to do the right thing. Why don’t we do the right thing?”

The DP said that some changes have been made to the proposal even after the launch at the Bomas of Kenya, where a section of BBI supporters had said that no more changes will be made to the report.

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