The UN announces that the second locust invasion expected in Kenya this week

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BY  KORIR JUMA,NAIROBI,4TH DEC,2020– The second wave of   locusts will start invading counties bordering Somali and Ethiopia this week and will intensify by January.

The United Nations-Food and Agriculture Organisation has said in a tweet that swarms will start to form this week from substantial breeding in eastern Ethiopia and central Somalia.

“Swarms are expected to move south as numerous waves and invade Kenya in about two weeks. This will intensify during the remainder of December into January,” the tweet read.

Dr Kasina Muo, the Entomological Society of Kenya chairman said the desert locusts were first reported in Kenya in December 2019 and a second invasion is happening again in December 2020.

He said immature swarms will start to form this week and increase during the remainder of December and into January.

“Those in Somalia and Ethiopia are laying eggs and they may start hatching any time, and will start invading Kenya in the next two to three weeks. Swarms landed in Kenya during the same period last year so we should expect another busy month to control the locusts,” he said.

According to the desert locust watch released on Thursday, intense swarm invasion of Kenya is likely to start from mid-December onwards.

FAO confirmed that successive waves of immature swarms are expected to migrate south to southeastern Ethiopia and southern Somalia, and invade northeast Kenya and spread to northern and central counties.

“Intensive survey and control operations should be maintained in Ethiopia and Somalia while extreme vigilance and preparedness are required in Kenya,” said FAO.

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