Kenya’s borders are safe,Uhuru assures in the state of the nation address.

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BY NAMULONGO PETER,NAIROBI,12TH NOV 2020-President Uhuru Kenyatta on Thursday said Kenya and its borders are secure.

During his State of the Nation Address, Uhuru said the state of national security is strong and the country is secure from the threats against it. “For this, and behalf of all Kenyans and as the commander in chief, I give thanks and praise to the brave men and women of our security services.”

“They have continued to deal with terrorists, ensure they are arrested and prosecuted. Many of their plots are detected and disrupted before they can cause serious harm to innocent Kenyans.”

He added, “The war against crime and criminality continues apace driven by the National Police Service that continues to undertake technological human resource and skills development to better serve Kenya. And while we celebrate the state of our national security, we must also recognise that our region is increasingly unstable”.

Uhuru said the country is witnessing escalating conflicts caused by ethnic and regionalised competition for political powers as has always been the case.

He said his administration is working hard to support peace and reconciliation processes where they are needed the most. “We seek to export our peace and pragmatism to our region knowing that success in our region will further secure our nation. Honorable members must always remember the wages of bad politics is the people suffering and ruin,” he said.

Uhuru said many neighboring countries today need a handshake because they need politics in which competition is not turned into empty talk and walk. “They need political leaders focused on including the young and desperate. Not inciting them to revolt against their country and elders. We have learned as Kenyans that elections alone cannot bring peace and unity to a divided people; for that leaders must reach out to each other and build bridges over turbulent waters to allow the people to cross into safety and prosperity,” he said.

The Head of State said the State of national security will remain strong as long as all leaders practise inclusive and sober politics. “I ask the members of this House, all leaders and all Kenyans to deeply ponder their role in promoting the politics that assures our security deters our enemies and is focused on serving the people,” he said.

He said his government has embarked on the expansion of the National Police Service as part of reforms in the sector.

Uhuru said this has been witnessed through the National Police Service control and command center for surveillance and communication and the successful launch of the digital occurrence book pilot project. “And in addition, I recently and very proudly unveiled the national security innovations exhibition at the Kenya Wildlife Service Law Enforcement Academy in Taita Taveta County,” Uhuru said.

He said it was a youth driven innovative project aimed at leveraging on technologies to address problems facing citizens from cybersecurity crime revenue collection gateways, social media communication to geospatial mapping and resource consolidation and even manufacture of small arms.

“The state of our nation thus remains strong and steady despite glaring threats from the current pandemic,” he said.


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