All Political rallies suspended for 60 days as Uhuru issues guidelines

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BY PSCU,NAIROBI,4TH NOV 2020-President Uhuru Kenyatta  has suspended all political gathering for the next two months in order to curb the ever increasing COVID19 infections. The Head of State said this on Wednesday .

“If the public has backslidden occasioned by diminishing stamina on the part of our leaders not leading by example…” he said.

“We as leaders have no option to give our all; we must show our people the way. Rise to the occasion and help navigate through this pandemic.”

Uhuru said the positivity rate has shot up to 16 per cent in October.

“This is four times what it was in September. 38 days later it is most unfortunate that we have experienced a reversal and a serious one at that,” he said.

Uhuru said Kenya is staring at a new wave of the pandemic.

“Where did we go wrong and what could we have done differently? The stringent measures saw the fall of infections,” he said.

“We have backtracked and all of this built around that curve flattening. ”

The president said the last eight months have taught Kenyans that civic responsibility is central in fighting the virus.

“I remind you again that the government does not have the ability to police the morality of its citizens,” he said.

“It is not my desire to close down the economy, we want to remain open. But this will depend on public responsiveness of this pandemic.”

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