Please take it slow on your 2022 campaigns,Uhuru tells DP Ruto

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BY JOAN WANJIKU,BOMAS,26TH OCT,2020-During the official launch of the BBI report, President Uhuru Kenyatta appeared to veer towards his deputy   William Ruto whom he asked to go slow on his 2022 campaigns.

Uhuru said he does not understand how his deputy forgot about their goals and started focusing on 2022 campaigns.

He made reference to a relay race where one runner instead of taking the baton and going forward to the finish line, runs in the opposite direction.

“Tulisonga pamoja lakini hapa kati kati ndio sasa 2022 ikaingilIa akasahau yale mengine but nasema tutulize boli.. (We walked together, but somewhere along the journey, 2022 matters became the priority and he forgot everything else. But I’m telling him to take it slow..” Uhuru said.

Speaking at the Bomas of Kenya on Monday, Uhuru said 2022 will come and go.

“2022 itakuja mwaka hairudi nyuma.. Tuko relay, lakini sasa my brother William anapinduka anakimbia nyuma..mos mos.. utafika tu (2022 will come.. we are in a relay race but my brother William has decided to run in the opposite direction. We will reach there…” he said amid laughter.

As Uhuru laughed, Ruto stood up and took to the podium, giving the crowd his back, whispered a joke in the President’s ear, to which he laughed, then went back to his seat.

Ruto had a humiliating moment earlier when making his speech after delegates booed him as he expressed his reservations against the BBI report.

Meanwhile, Uhuru said, “Let us not entertain sideshows.. there are too many side shows that are stopping Kenya from being great.”

“I believe that we can achieve it and overcome this hurdle. We pretend we are national leaders but when the time comes, we switch to vernacular and become what we are.”

Uhuru further said that Kenyans need to manage the youth carefully.

“…not by inciting them, but by including them in our decision making processes,” he said.

“If we are to deal with our youth problem, we must deal with our economy. No economy develops on a five-year cycle of politics.”

Uhuru said people must be very careful and stop this culture of using and disposing the youth.

“Lets develop and deepen a process of how we can systematically and in a very clear manner enable our people to be a productive part of Kenyan society,” he said.

“When reading let us focus on critical issues that will guarantee peace and prosperity of Kenya,” he said.

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