BBI LAUNCH:Mudavadi says the document must be refined

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BY JOAN WANJIKU,NAIROBI,26TH OCT,2020-ANC party leader Musalia Mudavadi on Monday highlighted his concerns on the BBI report, saying it needs ‘refining’.

He spoke during the official unveiling of the report at the Bomas of Kenya.

As the first speaker to point out his issues with the report, Mudavadi said the Senate strength should be looked at again.

“When it comes to matters devolution, the articles that have been touched tend to downgrade the role of the Senate when it comes to allocation of resources to the counties. Senate is the anchor to devolution.,” Mudavadi said.

“I think that requires a review. Not a rejection but a review.

Mudavadi recommended that the appointment of the Ombudsman in the Judiciary should be done by the Chief Justice.

This did not sit well with a section of the crowd who jeered the party leader.

He continued to recommend that the report should touch on the need for the government to tame public debt.

“Your excellency this is important because the good provisions of increasing 15 per cent to 35 will require resources. If the debt consumes too much of our resources we shall fail to serve our counties,” he said.

“This initiative is excellent, it is not work that can be taken lightly, so we will work to support it and we will work to improve it.”

Meanwhile, Maendeleo Chapa Chap Alfred Mutua went the sheng way to woo the youth on BBI.

Mutua called for fair governance by the leaders to avoid dividing the country.

On the referendum, the party leader said, “Amendments to the constitution are acceptable. They are meant to get us together to be able to seek and improve the lives of our people.”

He urged politicians to carefully read the BBI document and agree so as not to be divided in 2022.

“We should have a document that is acceptable by every politician. So that there will be no conflict in future,” he said

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