Am ready to be your second wife in Kisumu,University of Nairobi Law Student Ashuna Michael tells president at the BOMAS of Kenya,guests left in stiches

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BY JOAN WANJIKU,NAIROBI,26TH OCT,2020-University of Nairobi Law Student Ashuna Michael on Monday left the Bomas of Kenya in stitches during the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) launch.

After delivering her speech on the BBI and its bag of goodies for those with special needs, she revisited the Friday incident where President Uhuru Keyatta joked about getting a second wife in Kisumu.

Ms Michael joked about being  ‘aware’ that President Kenyatta had been given a go-ahead to get a second wife.

And, when endearing herself as the bride to be, she asked the president to settle the bride price with Raila Odinga to set the stage for their grand wedding.

At the same time, she seized the moment to welcome DP Ruto to the wedding, saying that if he honors the invitation, he will be the event’s best man.

“Mr President, recently you went to Kisumu and I heard you say unatafuta mpango wa kando , najua mama alikubali, my father Raila is here, and he is ready to collect dowry, my brother DP Ruto is here, if he agrees, he will be the best man, the First Lady and I will build bridges together… a BBI baby will then be born,” she said amid cheers.

On Friday, President Kenyatta had excited Kenyans online after saying he was considering taking a ‘female helper’ to take care of his business in Kisumu.

He however said he would be seeking consent from his wife.

Uhuru was joined on the tour of Kisumu by among other leaders, Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga with whom, the idea of the BBI was born.

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